Check In and Levels


Tips for using notes

During or after your conversations with clients you can write notes. Keep your notes secure and easy to access by writing them in the app. We will continue to improve the notes section based on your feedback and ideas, which you can share at or by replying at the bottom of this page.

How do I find what level the client is at?

On your portal, there will be a section with all your client’s data. From your dashboard go to clients-->select client-->toggle to view check-in on the right side of your screen. 

What does check-in mean?

Checking in is a functionality of the mobile app. Imagine it as a reporting message. Any time the user wants to report their status, they can check-in by doing a daily reflection. To learn more about the upgraded check-in features read this article. 

What do ‘check-in levels’ mean?

Levels are metrics that help you follow your client’s progress. There are three kinds of levels in the app: check-in level, progress days, and setbacks.

Days checked in count days between the last check-in date and first check-in date. These are converted according to achievement level.

Check-in achievement levels (on consecutive days checked in):

Level 0 : <3 days streak

Level 1: 3 days streak

Level 2: 1 week streak = 7 days

Level 3: 2 week streak

Level 4: 1 month streak - Ex: Feb 3rd to March 3rd

Level 5: 3 months streak

Level 6: 6 months streak

Level 7:  1 year streak

Level 8:  1,5 year streak

Level 9:  2 years

Level 10 > : +1 year for the next achievement

What does a check in streak mean?

Check in streak shows in how many consecutive days the client checked in. See levels

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