Invite Clients to Directly Match to You with a Link or Code

Invite Clients to Directly Match to You with a Link or Code

Can I invite my existing clients to use Four Streams Coaching (4SC) for our sessions?

Sure, you can invite your existing clients from the Invite & Earn section on the online coaching platform. Just send your direct match link to them via your usual private channels: email or chat. Using that link, they’ll be able to sign up to Four Streams Coaching and match with you directly.

Can I invite new potential clients to match directly with me?

Yes, exactly the same way as invites for existing clients work. Just share the Invite link with them from the Invite & Earn section.

With the ‘Invite & Earn’ feature you can invite clients to match with you directly on 4SC.

There are two ways it can work:

  • Invite clients using your own custom coach download link.
  • Invite clients using your own custom coach code.  

To set it up, follow these easy steps:

  1. Log in to
  2. Go to the ‘Invite & Earn’ section on the left side of the main navigation bar.
  3. Access your custom coach download link. You can put this on your website, use it in an announcement email, or share it via text or on a social media post.
  4. With this URL anyone can download the app
  5. When they create a new account they will be matched directly to you.
  6. *Be sure your future client opens the link on their phone or mobile device so they can use it to automatically open the app and be directly matched to you.

If the person is a current 4SC client and already has an account, the link will still work.

They can simply click on it using their phone and it will open the app and the direct match screen will appear on their phone.

Direct Match Coach Code

They can use your unique coach code and enter it when they are going through the signup process.

Share the link via Text

If you send a text it will show your profile picture and you can invite your client to match directly with you

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