Your First Week on 4SC: A Checklist

Below is a guide to getting started with 4SC. We offer practical checklists, how to think about doing work on 4SC (it’s different!), and how to be efficient.

Pour yourself a cuppa’ coffee or tea, get ready for some action steps, read & enjoy. 

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Get Organized: Before you Begin [Simple Checklist]

Set Up Your Account

Your First Client- How It Actually Works!

How to Think About Working on 4SC

Efficiency, Resources, and Pro Tips

Leveraging The Power of The 4SC Client App


Here is a high-level overview of the process:

Apply: Complete the application, show your qualifications, share your references.

Acceptance into 4SC. WELCOME! You’ll be invited via email, and a snazzy Doodle poll, to join our onboarding training.

Onboard: Group 4SC Onboarding Live Training Video Session. You and your cohort of other coaches will be trained in the basics of 4SC, meet our staff, and get answers to your initial questions.

Prepare: Start preparing to be a coach on 4SC. That’s where this article comes in...

Get Organized: Before you Begin [Checklist]

  • Add a professional photo.  Smile! This is a client’s first impression of you! We support popular file formats such as jpg & png.
  • Write your Bio. To read more about these first two steps go here.
  • Create Scripts. You don’t need to have these filled out before you start, but we recommend you create a Script doc. This is a document that contains replies you use frequently while working with clients. More on this below.
  • Resources. This is where you come in. Collect your resources and organize them in your computer or your Cloud storage system, like Google Drive. The more you have, organized, the more quickly you'll be able to identify, find, and share these resources with your clients.

Set Up Your Account

IMPORTANT: You will not be matched with clients until you complete your profile. The previous step (Getting Organized) contains all of the pieces you will need to create a complete profile. So if you skipped ahead- go back, get organized, & then move on to setting up your account.

Here is a detailed article that walks you through how to get started as a coach and how to set up your account. This step-by-step guide will show you exactly what you need in order to be prepared to do the work you love.

Your First Client- How It Actually Works!

Start by reading The Video/ Audio Session Guide for Coaches

How To Think About Working on 4SC

4SC is a digital space for coaching with a wide variety of clients.  It’s the ‘office’ where you see your clients. This digital space is quite different than seeing clients in person. It’s even different from starting with a phone call and then scheduling a video session with a client.

Your clients begin by using the 4SC app. Some will have been using it for a while before deciding they are ready for coaching. Others will see an ad, hear from a friend, or be searching specifically for an online coaching tool when they start.

In the technology-based world we live in, our vices are at our fingertips. 4SC makes it equally as simple to reach out for help. 4SC puts professional, available support right at the client’s fingertips.

Connecting with clients = building trust

All of your 4SC clients will connect with you via chat. So it’s critical to connect with them as soon as you’re able, building rapport and trust from the very beginning. 

The benefit of starting with chat is that you can communicate quickly and easily. But one of the challenges of starting with chat is that there can be a higher bar to building trust at the beginning.

Let’s dig into this more.

Good empathy and a client-centered approach mean doing what you can do from the very beginning to set your client up for success. If the client is successful from the get-go, you’ll have less ‘churn’. You’ll lose fewer clients who may be tentative, unsure if they are ready for the change process, uncertain if this medium is going to be beneficial, or unconvinced if you as a coach will be helpful.

Efficiency, Resources, and Pro Tips

Create an easy-to-access script document. ‘Canned response’ is a term referring to the number of things that you find yourself repeating, that work well for multiple clients. It happens in video and in-person as well: a good story, pattern language you find yourself repeating, or common phrases you use frequently.

It’s the same in providing your coaching services via chat. Except you can save these responses as a ‘canned response’ and add them to a ‘Script’ document.

This will help speed up your work and help save you from typing more. It will also help keep your mind sharp for how you can personalize and contextualize what you want to say.

Leveraging the power of the 4SC client app

Nowhere else in the world does a tool like the 4SC platform exist. It is unique and powerful. The more you understand how it works the better you can use this platform to help your clients, provide them with additional support and tools, and help empower your work.

We highly recommend you use the 4SC app that your clients are using. If you don’t you’ll be missing out and will not only not be able to leverage the power of 4SC, but you’ll be uninformed when they ask you questions about how it works.

Also, using 4SC can help you grow personally. The beauty and challenge of our work as coaches is that we are part of the tool to help clients change. The more we do our own development, the better we are at helping our clients.

4SC can help you on your own journey.

So go ahead, pick some particular challenge you want to grow in, and use 4SC to check in daily and share your progress.

4SC Features

Coaching is just the tip of the iceberg for clients. Read this article to learn more about the powerful features 4SC offers to help clients grow.

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