The Getting Started Guide for Coaches

The Getting Started Guide for Coaches


It's great to have you with us. We're working to radically improve the way coaches use technology to help their clients and it's great to have you with us.

As you start setting up your Four Streams Coaching account, I know you'll run into a few things that are less than perfect—we're a new platform and it takes time to polish each feature. That said, we'd love to know where you run into issues.

Besides the features and design that probably convinced you to sign up, there are a few things that make us unique:

  1. We value community, so we listen to feedback, and it's very easy to get in touch with the people actually building this platform.
  2. We improve the product in meaningful ways every single day.
  3. We are coaches ourselves and are passionate about helping people.

So if you get stuck or confused in the web app (or reading this guide) send us an email and we'll make it better.

Thanks for joining us on this journey! We can’t wait to see how you help your clients.

-Four Streams Coaching Team

Follow these 6 steps and you’ll get your 4SC account up and running in no time!

Create Your Account

Open the email with the subject: “Your application for Four Streams Coaching has been approved”

Click on the link in the email to set up your account and start seeing clients.

Your email will populate automatically. This is the email you applied with and will be the email you use to log into your Four Streams Coaching account. This email cannot be changed at this time.

Enter your password.

ProTip: We all love our pets; however, something more complicated than Fluffy123 will help protect you and your clients. Make this a unique password. (For added security, an optional way to optimize storage of all your passwords on all your devices, you can use a service like 1password. This is NOT required.)

Agree to the Professional Ethics Pledge.

Click complete profile.

NOTE: If you haven’t already, make sure you are updated to the latest web browser. We recommend using Chrome. For more details on how to update Chrome, 

Set Up Your Profile

Enter your profile information.

Picture- Upload a professional headshot. We recommend you use the Google Chrome browser (to download Chrome go here)and upload a PNG or JPG file format, less than 2 MB. 

We also recommend you test to see if this loads correctly, by saving  

This will be a potential client’s first impression of you. Please choose a professional photo. Pro Tip: Smiling is contagious!

If you want to see what your profile will look like for your potential clients in the app, click on the ‘preview’

Certification abbreviation field: Please enter your ICF (ACC, PCC, or MCC) and Four Streams Coaching (FSC) certification abbreviations if you want to show it in your profile.

Your bio is where you will write about yourself. If you have a website or a profile on another website, you can modify that and use it here. Go on, be bold, and share about who you are and how you can help.

You are limited to entering a maximum of 10 specialties.

Enter your certification(s) information. If you have malpractice (which we recommend but don’t yet require for coaches, enter it as well).

We recommend you provide an Informed Consents for your clients. 

Set Your Practice Preferences

Go to Settings>Practice Preferences

Accepting clients.

Accepting clients means you are currently accepting new clients. If deselected, you will not be matched with additional new clients but will continue to work with your active, paying clients.

Max clients.

Set your maximum number of clients. The amount is up to you. If you want to start small- start small! If you would like to grow your client base quickly, select a larger number. The default is set to 20 but you can select up to 100. Woah, baby!

Remember to consider your available hours when selecting the number of clients you would like. Providing coaching on Four Streams Coaching is not like traditional coaching: you can see more clients on Four Streams Coaching than you would typically be able to in an office setting.

Preferred session times.

In regards to live sessions, set if you are available for morning, afternoon, &/or evening appointments (e.g. video, audio, or chat).

NOTE: Once you set your practice preferences clients can be matched to you.

Make sure to click on ‘save changes’.

Get Paid

Set up your payment and billing information in a snap.

Go to Settings>Payment.

To get paid:

Note: you can start working with clients before you complete this step, but you will not receive payment until you complete this step. We will be collecting all client subscriptions and their payment information, but until you complete this step you will not receive your monthly payout for your services.

Payout occurs on the 1st of the month after you have completed a complete month of services (e.g. A client starts with you on the 15th of October, you complete the first month of services November 15th, you get paid on December 1st for these services.) Go here if you have more questions about how billing and payouts work on rTribe.


Enter your W-9 or W8-BEN (if you reside outside of the United States).

First, open the form in Chrome where you can directly edit the PDF file.  

OR if you have Safari, download the form and edit it using the Preview app (on Mac OS X). Click in the name field. The cursor should appear. You can then input data into the input field.

When complete, you can download the PDF file to your device and upload it onto the website by clicking on the ‘Upload Form’ button.

(Note: Other internet browsers (such as Firefox) may not support editing a PDF: You can’t open and edit the document with the Mozilla Firefox internet browser. Try using Google Chrome instead. To download Google chrome go here.)


Set up Paypal

Setting up a PayPal business account is easy and takes about 5-10 minutes.

  1. Go to and click sign-up
  2. Select PayPal Business Account (not Personal)
  3. Select the PayPal ‘Payment Standard’ plan.
  4. Enter your email. This is the same email you should enter in your rTribe account under Settings>Payment.
  5. Enter your log in ID and password and your business contact information
  6. Enter your business type
  7. Enter your EID or SSN (if you’re a Sole Proprietor)
  8. Enter additional personal information to verify your identity
  9. Open the verification email and verify your identity. That’s it!
  10. One more thing: Don’t forget to enter your email address that you use for your PayPal business account in rTribe. Simply log in to, Go to Settings, click on the Payment tab, and enter your email address. This way you'll get emails to that email address with your payouts.

To watch a video on the PayPal website for how to sign up with a PayPal Business account, go here.

You’ll also want to enter your billing address, phone number, office number. This is not public and will only be used for our use- like if we want to contact you, or mail you lavish gifts. You can also enter your home address if you would prefer to receive mail there.

Remember to ‘Save Changes’.

Set Up Notifications

Read on to learn how to set your phone number properly so you will get text message notifications for new clients, client updates, and new messages. We recommend keeping the notification settings turned ON, especially initially, so you can stay informed and up to date.

The phone number needs to be entered in a specific way in order for you to get notified by text message when you get a new client, receive client updates, and receive batch notifications of new unread messages.

Enter your phone number in the following way: country code + phone number. Do not use dashes, spaces, or parentheses. It should look like this:


001 is the country code for the United States.

1231234 is the phone number.

For unread messages from your clients, you can set up a notification to be sent to you every 15, 30, or 60 minutes. Examples:

  • 3 clients send 7 messages in 5 minutes. You will get one notification text.
  • 1 client sends 15 messages in 5 minutes. You will get one notification text.

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