Client Billing & Subscription

How much does it cost a client?

4SC offers 4 different subscriptions for our Online Coaching service. All of our subscriptions are automatically charged on a monthly basis. There are no contracts whatsoever, and clients can cancel their plan anytime.

They begin with a 7-day free trial to connect with you, their coach, before they are asked to subscribe, to give the client an idea of what the service is like. We have found this is a better way to help the client build trust, compared to requiring them to enter payment information before the trial starts.

These are the current plans that are available for one-on-one, confidential, professional support:

  • Bronze Plan 
    • Unlimited Chat 
    • $99/month
  • Silver Plan
    • Unlimited Chat + 2 Video Sessions (30 minutes) per month 
    • $249/month
  • Gold Plan
    • Unlimited Chat + 4 Video Sessions (30 minutes) per month 
    • $399/month
  • Platinum Plan
    • Unlimited Chat + 6 Video Sessions (30 minutes) per month 
    • $499/month

How does the free trial period work?

When clients first sign up for 4SC, we offer them a 7-day free trial to try out the service. Think of it as you giving them a discovery or consultation call as you normally would in your practice. As a coach on the platform, you can determine how much time and energy you are willing to put into this trial for the client. This gives them time to connect with their coach, build trust, and make sure they are satisfied with their 4SC experience. 

During this time clients have the chance to:

  • Match with a coach based on their preferences
  • Get to know their coach
  • Determine initial goals and a plan
  • Try out the chat and video call feature
  • Experience how online coaching works
  • Get a sense of which subscription plan would fit best

If the client decided to commit, they can subscribe to a paid plan any time during the trial.

If a client subscribes before the trial period ends, they continue on with the coach they started conversations with.

NOTE: After the trial ends, there is no guarantee that they will be able to re-match with the same coach in the future. The client and coach will have access to an archive of the chat conversation.

How can a client subscribe to a paid plan?

Clients can subscribe to a paid plan any time during the trial period or afterward, by tapping any of the Subscribe buttons in chat or in Settings->Online Coaching in the app.

  • Clients will see all our available subscription plans
  • As a coach, you can recommend a plan, and clients can choose whichever best fits their needs
  • Clients will be asked to provide a payment option
  • 4SC accepts either PayPal or Credit Card/Debit Card payments
  • Once the payment method is authorized, the subscription begins
  • Clients can coach as long as they and you agree

4SC charges a monthly subscription (rather than per session) because, in order to succeed in coaching, research shows there must be a commitment to the change process. 

What happens when the trial period expires?

After 7 days the conversation with the coach and client will be archived.

The coach and client can still access it and read everything, but you won’t be able to continue the discussion with your client without them subscribing.

If clients decide to continue - they just hit Subscribe anywhere in the app, and they’ll be able to re-start the service. If you have the availability to accept new clients they will be matched to you again.

How do I know what subscription my client has?

Click on the Clients menu item, select a client from the list, and open the Subscription tab from his/her profile. There you can see the kind of plan your client has.

What happens if a client doesn’t pay?

We've got you covered! Clients enter their payment information before being matched with a coach and before receiving services. This way, clients will never have a negative balance on their account.

What happens if a client’s credit card expires?

If a client's card has expired, but they get a new card with the same bank prior to their card being billed, it will update automatically in the system and the subscription will continue. If the card is not updated or replaced (with the same bank) prior to being billed, the client will appear as "inactive" and will not be able to continue services.

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