What kind of client load and time commitment should I expect?

Coaches are independent professionals and each manages his or her own practice. So it’s really up to you and can vary widely. We recommend you have a minimum caseload and that you communicate with your clients Monday through Friday, but the amount can and does vary from coach to coach. You can make 4SC fit your needs and that can change as your life does.

How are matches to clients made? Is it like a pool of coaches available, or assigned 1:1?

  1. Clients complete an assessment (they share their areas of focus and personal information such as their state/time zone, session time preferences, etc.)
  2. Clients enter their credit card information.
  3. Clients select a coach based on the preferences, specialty, and availability of the coach.
  4. The coach gets a notice that they have a new client, and can accept or decline the new client.
  5. Once the client accepts the coach, they can begin coaching.

How do I get clients on 4SC?

You can send your existing clients to the platform. First, they download the app, create and set up their profile, and enter your unique coach ID when they click on "Find a Coach." We also direct clients from our strategic partnership agreements where clients can select you from a list of other 4SC coaches. You will be notified when you have a new client.

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