Become a coach on 4SC

I'm a certified coach. How can I coach using the 4SC app?

You simply apply, and once you’re accepted you can start being matched to clients. Apply here. As a certified professional coach, you can provide services as a coach.

What are the requirements to be a coach on 4SC?

1. To apply as a certified coach you need to hold a current International Coaching Federation credential, ACC, PCC, or MCC and also a Four Streams Certification.

2. It is highly recommended you use personal liability insurance.

3. You need a reliable connection to the internet. But you probably wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t :)

If that’s you, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out the application and we will get back to you soon.

I’m a certified coach through the ICF, can I work with clients outside my state?

Yes! As a coach, you can work with clients outside the state(s) and country you are certified in. This greatly increases the number of clients you can work with!

Can I join 4S if I’m not certified?

Unfortunately, you need to hold both an ICF credential and a Four Streams certification to join our app.

Go to to enroll in classes and start your journey towards your ICF credential and Four Streams certification.

Are coaches employees of 4S?

Coaches are independent professionals, not employees of 4S. Each coach, or independent contractor, will be given a 1099 for tax purposes. By joining us, we think of you as part of the 4S family, so we deeply care that you thrive in your practice. We want to learn from and with you, support you, and encourage you. Your work is too important to not be given every chance to succeed.

For those who sign up for coaching, whose clients are these? Four Streams' or the coaches?

Coaches are independent contractors not employees of 4S. You can think of the 4S app as the ‘digital space’ for the change process. The platform provides the infrastructure, like renting a room to do in-person coaching, however, 4S actually empowers clients towards their goals than any stuffy room could. The coaches manage their own clients, and their own legal and ethical standards of care according to ICF Core Competencies and Code of Ethics. 4S stores the client data and keeps it secure, and notes can be accessed and saved if a coach leaves the platform.

How does scheduling or availability work? Can the coach block off time for vacations etc?

The coach sets their own schedule and availability with the client including, of course, vacations or days/times when the coach isn’t working. The coach sets their client load and can change this according to their needs.

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