This article will help clarify the differences and how-tos for chat, video, & audio messaging with your client.

What are Conversations?

Conversations are chat messages between you and your client.

How will I communicate with my client? 

You will communicate with your client through chat, video, &/or audio conversations.

How does chat messaging work?

After you’ve been connected with a client, you will be able to start the conversation through the Coaching platform. Chat is asynchronous, and not typically live, so you will be able to write when you’re available. On your profile page, go to Chat in order to see your current chat message conversations. The most recent messages will appear at the top, so you can address them in order. In order to send a new message, go to Clients>Client Info>Send a message.

How do live video/audio sessions work?

Live sessions are 30 minutes of focused, confidential one-on-one time with your client. Simply schedule the appointment with your client ahead of time via chat. Then at the agreed-upon time, you will initiate the live session through chat within the 4SC app.

Will the client be able to initiate a video/audio session?

No. Only coaches are able to start a video/audio call based on your scheduled date.

What happens if my video/audio session was unsuccessful?

After your video session has ended you will have to confirm that it happened successfully. If the meeting was unsuccessful due to technical difficulties, (e.g. internet connection/ Zoom/4SC app stops working unexpectedly), the video session may be repeated at another time. 

How do I mark a video/ audio call as complete?

If it was successful, go to your portal>Chat>Show Profile>Subscription>Add Session. Then select the appropriate call specifications and click confirm.

How do I confirm a video/audio session?

In order for the session to be marked as complete in the client's profile, you will need to confirm that it went successfully (meaning no technical issues that prevented your call from taking place). To mark the session as complete, click on Chat>Client>Subscription. Scroll down and click on +Add Session. A dialogue box will pop up.

Enter the correct specifications for the call and click Confirm. This will confirm that you had a video call with your client. Use this to mark no shows as well. The completed call is now listed in the Subscription section under Sessions / Session Status.

The completed call is now listed in the Subscription tab, under Sessions / Session Status. In the Subscription tab you will also see how many video/audio sessions remain.

For more information regarding video/audio sessions, check out this article.

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