What is the Four Streams Coaching App?

The Four Streams Coaching™ (4SC) offers an innovative online coaching solution that will SmartMatch™ clients with the best coaches in combination with a peer-to-peer support network that leverages a connected data-informed approach. This unique offering enables people to find affordable, ‘just in time’  support whenever and wherever they are to experience deep transformation. 4SC connects people with themselves, their purpose, and professional support. Designed to feel like the messaging apps you use every day, 4SC empowers you to have vulnerable, authentic conversations and connections with coaches turning personal struggles into strengths.

4SC is a small team with big dreams and our platform is growing fast. We’ve helped more than 150,000 people with our platform. 

I'm a Four Streams and ICF certified coach. How can I provide services using 4SC?

You simply apply, and once you’re accepted you can start being matched to clients. Apply here. As a certified coach, you can provide services on our platform.

Is the data kept secure?

Safety, confidentiality, and security are our top priorities. We use bank-grade encryption, and take precautions to protect the data on technical, administrative, and physical levels.

How do I get clients on 4SC?

That’s where we come in. Simply join 4SC and we will use smart-matching technology to connect you to clients who are looking for support and match your areas of focus. We take into consideration your experience, specialties, location, preferred time to work, and carefully support the client's specific areas of focus.

What are the requirements to be a coach on 4SC?

If you are a Four Streams Certified coach and have a credential with the International Coaching Federation you can work as a coach on 4SC.

Are coaches employees of 4SC?

Coaches are independent professionals, not employees of 4SC. Each coach, or independent contractor, will be given a 1099 for tax purposes. By joining us, we think of you as part of the 4SC family, so we deeply care that you thrive in your practice. We want to learn from and with you, support you, and encourage you. Your work is too important to not be given every chance to succeed.

For those who sign up to receive coaching, whose clients are these? 4SC’s or the coach’s?

Coaches are independent contractors not employees of 4SC. You can think of 4SC as a ‘digital space’ for the change process. The 4SC platform provides the infrastructure, like renting a room to do in-person coaching, however, 4SC actually empowers clients towards their goals than any stuffy room could. The coaches manage their own clients, and their own legal and ethical standards of care according to their certifications. 4SC stores the client data and keeps it secure, and notes can be accessed and saved if a counselor leaves the 4SC platform.

How does session scheduling or availability work? Can the coach block off time for vacations?

Coaches set their own schedules and availability with their clients. Including, of course, vacations or days/times when the coach isn’t working. Session time preference is one of the matching criteria. As a coach, you are in control to set your load and you can change this according to their needs.

One of the challenges with traditional face-to-face coaching is that coaches are paid only on a fee-for-service basis, which does not incentivize self-care: if you don't work because you're taking a much-needed vacation, you don't get paid. But as we know all too well as coaches, self-care is essential for longevity and maintaining the quality of care for clients. With clients on 4SC paying a subscription, you can manage and structure self-care into your schedule and still get paid. You'll be able to better maintain continuity of care for your clients since they also have the healthy-habit-formation app at their fingertips every day.

What kind of client load and time commitment should I expect?

Coaches are independent professionals and each manages his or her own practice. So it’s really up to you and can vary widely. We recommend you have a minimum caseload and that you communicate with your clients Monday through Friday, but the amount can and does vary from coach to coach. You can make 4SC fit your needs and that can change as your life does.

How are matches to clients made? Is it like a pool of coaches available, or assigned 1:1?

1. Clients complete an assessment (they share their areas of focus and personal information such as their State/time zone, session time preferences, etc.),

2. Clients choose their subscription level and enters their credit card information

3. Clients get smart-matched to their individual coach based on the preferences, specialty, and availability of the coach.

4. The coach gets a notice that they have a new client, and can accept or decline the new match.

5. Once the coach accepts the new client, the client has 7 days of a free trial to experience coaching and can cancel within that time without getting charged.

6. Clients can change subscription levels throughout the course of the relationship, which needs to be confirmed by their coach, and of course, this will ideally be based on the recommendation of their coach.

How does the pricing work and what is the coach payout?

These are the current plans that are available for one-on-one, confidential, professional support:

  • Bronze Plan 
    • Unlimited Chat 
    • $99/month
    • Coach payout: $74.25
  • Silver Plan
    • Unlimited Chat + 2 Video Sessions (30 minutes) per month 
    • $249/month
    • Coach payout: $186.25
  • Gold Plan
    • Unlimited Chat + 4 Video Sessions (30 minutes) per month 
    • $399/month
    • Coach payout: $299.25
  • Platinum Plan
    • Unlimited Chat + 6 Video Sessions (30 minutes) per month 
    • $499/month
    • Coach payout: $374.25

I was matched with a client, but I need to transfer them to a different coach. How do I do that?

You will need to provide your client with the following information:

→ Tap the settings cog (upper right of the home screen) → 

→ Tap Online coaching from the setting screen →

→ Tap Your coach (should say your name) 

→ Tap the three dots (top right)

→ Tap Request a new coach 

→ From the Transfer to a new coach screen select reason for transfer then select I've found another provider from the Reason for transfer

→ Tell us why you want to be transferred so we'll know where to look

That should enable them to go through their preferences to be rematched with a new coach. 

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